The Bane of William Penn

Session 4

Side Issue

Ask 3 questions and get answers

1) How did Eric Bates know what would power the SCEPTER suits?
-—Session 5 answers
2) How do you contact the Magnetic Mistress
-—Found location of Magnetic Mistress’s base
3) How can we stop the Darkness that William Penn told us about
-—Stop the use of the crystals, something underneath Cryotech, stop the darkness.

Sometime in the time that passes between Session 3 and Session 5 the Heroes intercept a blackmarket hand off of the crystals. They are attacked by “The Judge” and some mercenary forces. Also making an appearance are The Priest, and a mysterious woman who melts into a pale colored goop shortly after being knocked unconscious.


FireSickle FireSickle

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